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Nagy Krisztián



2005. „Everyone carries his own cross” Online photo contest 3rd place
2009. Nagykőrös, „Mother with our children” photo contest 2nd place
2009. Kecskemét Photo Circle exhibition „Small Arts”
2010. "First photo salon in Kecskemét" exhibition „Boonies - Winter”, „Boonies - Summer”
2010. The Explorer magazine, WWF Hungary competition 1st place and special award „Nature trail”, „Slider bird”
2010. Kecskemét Photo Circle exhibition „2in1”
2011. Museion No1 exhibition „First photo salon in Kecskemét” second presentation
2011. XVII. Alföldi photo salon Collectible Special Award „Cubeworld 1-4”
2011. Kecskemét Photo Circle exhibition „Stupid ladder” – Kecskemét, Szentes, Kalocsa
2012. Museion No1 exhibition „Hírös sorozatok”
2012. Competition on Szentes „Eye” exhibition "Fears" (digit print)
2012. XVIII. Alföldi photo salon accepted pictures „Daisy chain”, „Another Me” (digit print)
2012. Picture of Kőrös competition (Nagykőrös) 2nd place „Bluehour” (digit print)
2013. IV. Ágens International Digital Competition „Cubeworld – Escape” (digit print)
2013. V. Internationale Competition on Kiskunfélegyháza accepted picture „Orchidea” (digit print)
2013. Kecskemét Photo Circle exhibition „Light traps”
2014. „Silver picture” independent exhibition of photographs made by collodion wet plate process
2014. „New with the old” Mai Manó house exhibition - „Secret in the bottle 1-5” series (Ambrotype)
2014. XX. Alföldi photo salon Collectible Special Award „Dilemma” and „Without derss” (Collodion wet plate on black aluminum)
2014. „Alföldi crafts photographs” Szentes – „Orchidea” „Clown” „Painter woman”
2015. Kecskemét Photo Circle exhibition „Light traps” - Kiskunfélegyháza
2016. XIV. "Only clean of sources" (Békéscsaba) competition accepted picture: "Without wings" (Ambrotype - digit print)
2016. 4th Perlensis Photo Salon (Budapest) "Girl with boa" (VanDyke print)- FIAP silver coin (FIAP 2016/145),
           "Silver leaves I." (Cianotype) accepted picture
2016. III. Past and present Photo Competition (Sopron) "Dandelion" - 1st place (VanDyke print),
           accepted pictures: "Silver leaves II." (VanDyke print), "Girl with boa" (VanDyke print), "Absurd" (digit print)
2016. "Third photo salon in Kecskemét" exhibition "Secret in the bottle I-V." (Ambrotype serie)
2016. XXII. Alföldi photo salon (Szentes) "Fallen" - Special award (VanDyke print)
2016.  Kecskemét Photo Circle exhibition "Timeless"

2016. 111th anniversary of the memorial "Fridrich Fényírda" (Szentes)
           accepted pictures: "A fiakers" (Ferrotype on aluminum), "Baron" (Ambrotype)
2017. XIX. Szentesi aktfotó biennálé;  accepted picture: Silver leaves I. (colored cyanotype), Silver leaves II. (VanDyke print),
           Girl with boa (VanDyke print), Light-game (collodion wet plate on black alumine)
2017. XXIII. Alföldi fotószalon (Szentes) accepted pictures: "Evoltion" (VanDyke print), "Wingless" (VanDyke print), "Self portrait" (VanDyke print)
2017. IV. National Ecumenical Photo Contest "Reformation today" - Hungary
           accepted pictures: "Evangelical church" (digital photogarphy), "Reformed church clockwork" (digital photogarphy)
2018. XVI. „Only clean of sources…” (Békéscsaba) - competition accepted picture: "Memories" (digital print)
2018. V. Past and present Photo Competition (Sopron) "Evolution" - 2nd place (VanDyke print),
           accepted pictures: "Wingless" (VanDyke print), "Orderliness" (digit print)
2018. XXIV. Alföldi Fotószalon (Szentes); "This was thrown by the machine" - 1st place (95x95cm canvas), "Order" - 1st digit (digit print).
            Accepted image: "Peace Stupa" (digi print, 6x6 negative), "Unhappiness - Little girl in purple dress" (digi print)
2019. XXXVI. MAFOSZ szalon, accepted picture: "Lefelé - Downward" (digi print)
2019. IV. Photo salon in Kecskemét: "Dandelion" (digi print from Collodion wet plate glass negative)
2019. XXV. Alföldi Fotószalon (Szentes); accepted picture: "Outbreak I. - Inkwood" (Collodion wet plate on black aluminum - 18x24cm)
2019. VI. National Ecumenical Photo Contest (Kisújszállás); accepted picture: "Golgotha"
2020. Szentes "Kötelező - Roper" Accepted images: "Glória - Glory", "Hurok - Loop", "Ív - Curve" and "Rétegrend - Layer structure"
2020. Prizma kör - "The time" (Budapest); 2nd place: "Boonies"
2020. Prizma Kör - "Light-Shadow-Color" (Budapest); Color category: 3th place "Greek snail shells"; Light category, accapted images: "Half past three" és "Romance"; 
            Shadow category, accapted image: "Under the pergola"
2020. VI. National Ecumenical Photo Contest (Kisújszállás);  special award: "Pledge", accepted pictures: "Christening", "Crusaders"
2020. 9th International Photocontest and Exhibition to the Day of Fidelity (FIAP 2020/532); accepted picture: "Grandfathers chest"

2009-2014. Nagykőrös leadership of „Blenditák” Photo club
2011 -  Leadership of  Kecskemét Photo Circle