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Nagy Krisztián


I was born in 1976 Nagykoros (Hungary) still living with my family.
In my everyday life I pull the lines on computer design drawings, which is subject to exactly the opposite of freedom of photography.

I'm interested in photography since my childhood, but the age at that time was very expensive to film photography, so I could photograph a family holiday on the occasion.
I then started to photograph more when digital cameras began to break into the everyday life, so I bought my first 3 megapixel camera (2003). I learned photography as an autodidact. A lot of learning from books and the Internet and I have achieved a level that digital photographs of my successfully started prestigious photo competitions as well.

I infected with the collodion wet plate photography - I just watched "from a distance". I wanted my own merits, independently to master this amazing procedure. So I collected the necessary information to the workflow within 1.5-2 years and built the first large wooden camera and take my first Collodion photograph. I not went in to the workshop, I started their own efforts to this wonderful world.

While I practiced the collodion photography I started to design a new and easier to use multiple adjustment settings of camera. At the beginning of the year 2014 I made a second camera - which I think will be right for me long term.

The Collodion photography so it has become more than "just" shooting. I had to learn a little chemistry - handle the chemicals. DIY - made of woodwork. Textile work performed - bellows fold. Three-dimensional computer design. Learned to large-format photography, handle the lights and above all, the Collodion shooting practice.

I like to making prints on paper, so I made collodion glass negatives and making contact prints. So I got lot of medal from International and Hungarian competition with these pictures.

Recently I found myself more interested in the archaic image capture, such as digital "reality scan". However I teaching digital photography courses for funds, managers of "Kecskemét Photo Circle" and the I walk on my way when maybe that comes from the past and go to the future...